Dear Reader,

We are celebrating the fourth printing of the Spirits of Amoskeag! Hundreds of the original books were burned in a warehouse fire several years ago and we were heartbroken at the loss. These brave young spirits came through in a team session, encouraging us to focus on creating the Chronicles of Hope book series. Now that the Chronicles books are complete, we have updated the Spirit’s book with some new stories and made them available for you.

This book was originally written based on a promise made to a group of more than 300 spirits. In 2003, this group of angry spirits were causing accidents to get our attention. They agreed to stop their activity if we would publish their story. We gave our word and helped them into the light. Their story was finally published in 2016. This spiritual mystery shares their compelling, and heart-wrenching stories woven through the journey of creating the book. 

This fascinating story was communicated by the Spirits of Amoskeag, the Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills. We are grateful for these spirit’s courage and tenacity. We also thank you for your interest in this historic mystery and hope their stories will be as moving to you as they have been to us. So many things have happened since we initially published their books and we wanted to share some of those stories with you. 

If you have an interest in old mills, history, mystery, or ghost stories, you will love this book. The Spirit’s book shares chilling stories of the very people who worked in the mills, of those who were injured, and what happened to them. We would enjoy hearing your own stories and any personal insights that may shed light on solving the mystery of the Spirits of Amoskeag. Share your thoughts on our Stories page. Be sure to listen to the radio interview too!

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Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann