“This book is a historical exposé of late 19th and 20th century manufacturing and abusive child labor practices in the New England weaving mills. It is a 21st-century promise to tell this story, with the effective use of trans-personal hypnotic regression in the research needed to validate their stories and keep that promise.

Lois Hermann’s book is a well-documented dynamic historical adventure showing the dark side of humanity and big business. It is emotional, poignant, and fast-paced. Hypnotic regression techniques are used to access earth-bound spirit testimony. The spiritual dimensions do not detract or overshadow the storyline, but rather add a deeper dimension to her work. From a therapeutic perspective, there is enough technique given, that with intensive study and careful diligence, effective spirit releasement can be achieved by a competent regression therapist.

The Spirits of Amoskeag… is a fascinating true adventure well worth the effort of the avid reader, historian, spiritual enthusiast, and therapist. Research is still ongoing, seeking the ultimate goal of greater details and accurate documentation. Well done, Lois and Peter.”

– Albert J. Marotta, MA, CHT – Professor of Metaphysics, Los Angeles, CA


“The Spirits of Amoskeag seized my attention from the moment I saw the haunting cover! It’s a historical account of human tragedy, murder, and soulful redemption, wrapped in mesmerizing personal accounts of spirit releasement. With decades of experience in corporate America and as a pioneer in the medical industry, one might not expect that Lois’s first work of non-fiction would be about ghosts and hypnotic regression. Yet, it simply lends to the credibility of her work, the courage she demonstrated in telling this story, and the journey that both she and Peter are still on.

From a practitioner’s point of view, this book is filled with insights and strategies for helping people who have not found relief from traditional modes of therapy. Any psychologist, counselor, hypnotherapist, life coach, shaman, or metaphysical healer would greatly benefit from possessing these tools.

If you enjoy books that are entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking, put this book at the top of your list! Congratulations, Lois and Peter, for having the guts to trust your instincts and follow the road less traveled!”

– Tim Shurr, MA, CHT – President Shurr Success, Author, Motivational Speaker – Indianapolis, IN


“Bless you, dear Lois, for being willing to journey in the way described in your book. And for your faith in Spirit which called you to finish what you promised.

What came to mind, as I read this account, was how the stories of the children of the Manchester mills, their families and the people of privilege who benefited from their labor are repeated today in the world’s child slave market.  May everyone who reads this book be inspired to learn more about what is happening now and do something about it.”

– Rev. Barbara McKusick Liscord – Minister Universal Unitarian Congregation Milford, NH